View 4D data over Time


Please use left drop down menu to view in full screen size. 

The initial point of interest (POI) on this page is Location PHS032 which can be accessed using the drop down menu at top right labeled POI and then pressing the play button to the right.  This POI shows time based (4D - fourth dimension) forensic data for a measurement taken repeatedly at this location to monitor progress after repair.  There can be no doubt where repetitive longitudinal data is to be gathered.  The results can be added while in the field via wireless internet access.  Mouse over the data points to see notes about when it was gathered, and click on the Graph label to see a report. 

Also note the drop down menu top left at Display Options.  You can view full screen.  As you zoom in and out you can see the area you are currently viewing in the Navigator tool on the left middle.  At the top right you can navigate to preselected points of interest using the POI drop down menu and the play button to its right.  Multiple notes can be entered for each Point of interest as well as multiple labels. 

Please note that the adding new annotations and the save feature has been disabled for this demonstration page.