PhotoDrawing™ Scale Renderings Speak Clearly

PhotoDrawing™ blueprint substitutes with surface texture speak clearly about your building .  These patented photographic based renderings provide surface texture and detail about your building that other methods cannot.  Expensive laser surveys are not required.  

PhotoDrawings can be accurately scaled, and can be converted to blueprints or base drawings for BIM, 3D CAD modeling software, asset management software such as CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management) software.  

PhotoDrawings can be provided in an number of formats including pdf, dwg, or image formats such as jpg or tiff.  

Click on the image thumbnail to see a building talk.

Contact us for a full size hard copy.  ContactForm.htmlPhotoDrawing_files/PhotoDrawing%20NY%20StGerard1117.jpgshapeimage_2_link_0

Scaled Blueprint Substitute

Hartwood Acres

Scaled Blueprint Substitute

St. Gerard’s Buffalo, NY