Let Your Building Really Talk to you with PhotoSurvey Inspection


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Site Surveys from your Desk

Compare reality

vs bid drawing scope

Statuary Restoration

You’ll see how your building can really talk to you when you try a site survey from your desktop by clicking one of the images above to view a building using the PhotoSurvey™ inspection tool.  Existing condition assessments can be completed or started at you desk.  Reduce manpower and equipment needs in the field by completing your visual inspection at your desk.   Reduce fieldwork to verification only.

Use PhotoSurvey to

  1. Inspect Buildings

  2. Compare the actual building to drawings side-by-side

  3. See before and after work

  4. Verify blueprint scope against actual existing conditions

  5. Plan work

  6. Monitor continuing decay or building movement using a long-term time series of PhotoSurveys

  7. Local facade inspections, condition assessments and documenting existing conditions

Condition Assessment

St Gerard, Buffalo, NY

View Blueprint of this facade.

Interior HDR Mural

Ch. Ascension PIttsburgh PA

Existing Condition Assessment City County Bldg PIttsburgh PA

Before and After

Restoration Comparison

Pennsylvania Treasury Bldg.

Facade Inspections

Object and Artifact Documentation & Inspections

Comparative Inspections and Time-Based Surveys

Before & After Cleaning

Annotate on-image & time-based SurveysNot Converted yet.

Track time-based data & click to view reports

Longitudinal Façade Material Loss Study

Annotate On Image

Direct Work on Linear Assets such as tunnels and walls